5 Things Realtors need to know about Phil Dunphy

Phil Dunphy might not be on your radar screen, but for the millions of people who watch Modern Family on ABC every week, he’s the new REALTOR characture.

shrink wrap modern family mini van

Is this about selling real estate?

Commission Impossible

The producers have captured the essence of today’s very hip real estate agent who is always chasing the sale, using technology like an iPad, using Facebook, shrink wrapping their cars, and using YouTube videos to market themselves. Of course, they also capture the emotional (petty) rivalry between agents trying to earn a commission – made him real to me!

After one of the first episodes when Phil went off on a real estate agent tangent, a few of my friends told me that I “had” to watch the show. Okay, like Phil I am married, have kids, been a Realtor for 20-something years and have always joked about the absurd things I see week in and week out. “You should start blogging about it”, they said to me a few years ago… so here I am.

I think the show is a riot, and I am extremely happy that Phil doesn’t wear glasses… need I say more?

Phil’s view on his job: “A Realtor’s just a ninja in a blazer. The average burglar breaks in and leaves clues everywhere. But not me, I’m completely clueless.”

Here is Phil Dunphy at career day…

Okay, what Realtors need to know about Phil:

  • Phil Dunphy is the new face of real estate for millions of people. Sorry Alec Baldwin (Glengarry, Glen Ross).
  • Phil learned to plan ahead if you are shrink wrapping your slogan on your wife’s mini van.
  • If you are doing a “first-time buyer seminar”, make sure your sister-in-law is in the audience when she is supposed to be.
  • Phil will allow anything to get a sale… speeding neighbors who are clients or an inappropriate kiss  (Greg Kinnear, “Me, Jealous?)
  • Phil hosted the SCARB (Southern California Annual Realtor Banquet)

Ty Burrell PaleyFest 10bTy Burrell plays the role of Phil Dunphy in ABC TV’s Modern Family

photo by Jennifer Tse via Flickr