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House gutter downspout extension

Water flows away from my Vienna house

Last Sunday I spent the afternoon showing homes to some clients in Centreville while it rained really hard… all afternoon. We saw plenty of back yards resembling small ponds and gutter downspouts shooting water right next to a home’s foundation. And, this morning, one of my Vienna, VA neighbors told me about the water in his basement after last night’s inch of rain.

A few years ago a friend told me that, in a total panic, she called the Wet Basement Guys during a hurricane because water was seeping into her basement. They asked her if she had extensions on her downspouts?

“No?” she responded.

It’s not Seattle, it’s Vienna, VA

You see, the Wet Basement Guys were so busy that they were giving away an insider secret when it comes to keeping rain water out of your house. It was the fact that those ugly black tubes really do work when place properly at your downspouts sloping downhill (gravity will help you) and extended away from your home will solve most rain water problems.

Doug Francis downspout extension

Spray paint green

Last weekend’s rain set a record at Dulles Airport, and the rain forecast for today may add another 3″ of rain to the swollen ground. A week like this can cause a dry basement to get wet for the first time, and once water finds an easy path to follow then the basement will get wet again.

Ignore your downspouts and you’ll pay the price!

When it isn’t raining, consider designing a rain water management system that will benefit your lawn or garden.

NDS Water Drain pop up

NDS Pop-up

Next time you are at Home Depot take a look at the NDS Drainage tools that they sell. They have simple pop-up drains and ideas to help you bury this black pipes so you are protected from sudden downpours and doing your part to limit runoff. Think of it as a Green Idea.

Home inspectors always look at the grade around your home, and if they do not see a slope away from the structure will recommend adding soil (not mulch) for added protection.

Before you get your next heavy rain, plan to add some simple downspout extensions to move the water away from your house.


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