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The Value of a Back-Up Offer

Deciding to be a back-up offer isn't a buyer's ideal situation, but in a competitive, fast-paced real estate market when offers are reviewed on Tuesday evening, then being #2 really isn't such a bad thing. And sellers, you should feel Continue Reading

How HGTV has helped real estate

There isn't a buyer client I meet who hasn't watched HGTV. And, that's a good thing! Last week while waiting for my daughter's dental appointment to finish, I got sucked into watching an exciting HGTV show called Flip or Flop. Okay, Continue Reading

Getting Fios into a New Home

You probably expect Internet service in your new home. I know the answer is yes... But it is important to understand, early on, the scope of your post-Settlement "project" especially completing the last 100 feet getting Fios into your Continue Reading

Air Conditioning and Air Flow

The noise didn't bother the home inspector, but the air conditioning system was making far too much noise for a new home. The problem here was too much air flow though an air return vent... and this took place in 2004. You should Continue Reading