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Debt to Income Ratio | Planning Ahead

One of the first tips I give people when they tell me they plan to buy a house next year is to focus on their Debt-to-Income ratio. Most clients who buy homes get a mortgage, and find out quickly that their finances are about to get scrutinized. Even though ads for rocket-easy Continue Reading

First Steps In the Process | Home Buyers

When we have our first meeting and discuss plans with any new real estate client, I like to review a basic home buying costs worksheet. Knowing the numbers is empowering because it allows clients to see the costs of buying a home and determine a future household budget. I use Continue Reading

Tips For Your Professional Services Website

In today's competitive professional services marketplace, having a digital and online presence will help your business meet more consumers directly when they are searching for answers. After talking with a colleague last week about what I have done online, I decided to share Continue Reading

Baby Boomers on the Move

We gotta get out of this place If it's the last thing we ever do We gotta get out of this place 'cause girl, there's a better life for me and you ~ The Animals Making the decision to move out of the suburbs is the next step for Baby Boomers. Here are some tips and thoughts Continue Reading