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Maple Ave and W&OD Intersection Vienna VA

There is a stoplight where the W&OD Trail crosses Rt. 123 in Vienna, VA

Northern Virginia home sellers need to understand how current home buyers are searching and finding their next home. In fact, anyone preparing their home to sell can achieve a lot over the next month or two to get their house prepared for those “picky buyers” who will emerge from the “holiday season trance” come 12:01 a.m. on 1/1.

My recent blog post on the use of technology including QR Codes (Quick Response) and Smartphone Apps generated some interesting discussions from believers and non believers. Understanding today’s real estate consumer is a challenge because behaviors can change quickly and meeting their expectations is the key to success. And today’s home buyers are starting their searches online at home (or work) but are also doing home searches on the fly using Google driven Android phones, Apple iPhones or iPads.

Northern Virginia home buyers are using the Smartphone apps

Yes, the condo did sell for 99% of the list price to a buyer who found the property online, looked through the clear photos and then called his agent. It was his agent who put together the 26 page NVAR Sales Contract including a Home Inspection Contingency and FHA Addendum. Like I have mentioned before, finding a home is the easy part thanks to the Internet and the search apps out there, but the next step of completing the offer, inspections, appraisal, mortgage, cost estimates and final closing is where having experienced real estate agent adds value.

Here are some tips for Northern Virginia home sellers preparing for the market:

  • Use the winter months to complete major projects (at least 30 days)
  • Understand the importance of the online photos
  • Try a home search online yourself, then load a free app on your Smartphone
  • Consult with me as early as possible to develop a plan of action

Most home buyers know the drill of what works online and what isn’t. In my opinion, most Vienna VA real estate buyers aren’t sitting through poor quality YouTube videos where some Realtor is sauntering through a house making off-the-cuff comments like “these are great hardwood floors” and then “this is a great kitchen upgrade”. Or are you? I bet you will look at 30 creative photos but not a 5 minute YouTube clip… Oprah’s house is the exception.

If I was planning to sell my home then I would be paying attention, let’s talk today.

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