With home prices in Vienna stretched to McLean valuations, picking the right house is more important than ever.

Plus, the “Coming Soon” sales game has many buyers feeling manipulated. I understand.

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What is a Back-Up Contract?

"When one door closes, another opens." - Alexander Graham BellBreaking bad news to a client is the pits.Imagine the call from the buyer's agent saying, "after the home inspection or after reviewing the Homeowner's Association disclosure docs, that the Buyer is declaring Continue Reading

Consider ARMs Again for Your Mortgage

Are we at an Inflection Point?Over the last decade, when home buyers were looking at mortgage rates there wasn't a big difference between fixed rate mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM).In fact, super-low 30-year fixed rates have ruled the market.Although I Continue Reading

On finding hidden new homes in Vienna

Ask anyone who lives in Vienna or McLean, and they will tell you about the impressive number of new homes being built.Many are custom homes being built for long-time owners, but more often it is an investor or builder scraping off an old house to build a new, semi-custom Continue Reading

How to pick a Settlement Agent

Selecting a Settlement Agent often comes down to a quick decision based on a recommendation from your Realtor.A quick decision?This is an interesting topic since home buyers, in Virginia, are given the option to select a Settlement Agent when they put together their Continue Reading