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How to pick a Settlement Agent

Selecting a Settlement Agent often comes down to a quick decision based on a recommendation from your Realtor.A quick decision?This is an interesting topic since home buyers, in Virginia, are given the option to select a Settlement Agent when they put together their Continue Reading

Tearing Down and Recycling in Vienna

Before we tear down older ramblers or splits in Vienna, there is a period of time when contractors will take houses apart so anything of value can be recycled or donated to a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.Copper pipes HVAC systems Appliances Storm Continue Reading

The Equifax Hack and Buying a Home

My clients will remember when I said, "Don't go out and buy his and her BMWs until after you are finished buying the house!"Those days were so simple.Innocent really, almost charming.All that has changed after the recent hack of Equifax essentially exposed everyone's Continue Reading

Deposit Amounts and Negotiations

Sitting at their kitchen table while explaining the sales contract and putting together a competitive written offer, I was asked..."What's the earnest money deposit formula in Virginia?"  this Vienna home buyer studiously asked.This really isn't an uncommon question Continue Reading

iPhone Alerts and the Miracle Weekend

Anyone looking for a home to buy knows what to do when their smartphone vibrates signaling a new listing.What most home sellers can't grasp is the immediate impact a new listing has on home buyers.Tech savvy home buyers quickly open up the alert and flip through the Continue Reading